Dear Portia,

The house is so lovely and we are settling in nicely, I think.

Thank you again for all your hard work. We are so very grateful we crossed paths with you.  You remain the best. I cannot stop singing your praises so, rest assured, anyone who is selling will be hearing your name nonstop.


Stacy B.


August 16, 2018

My wife and I recently sold our home of 38 years in Los Angeles.  In the months prior to doing so, I met with several real estate agents in order to identify the person I wanted to represent my home.  We selected Portia Park and Kirk Frieden as our agents for several reasons: They were very familiar with the neighborhood of Miracle Mile, they were informed about the recently voted in Historical Preservation Overlay Zone (HPOZ) which imposes certain restrictions on homeowners, they were aware of market trends in the neighborhood, and they truly appreciated the older homes such as ours.  We felt comfortable with their analysis of the real estate market in the area and their strategy for selling our property.
Kirk and Portia led us through the steps of preparing our home for sale.  They provided a timetable and helped us find the resources we needed for staging our home and presenting it in the most favorable way.  The listing and advertising were top drawer with coverage in local newspapers as well as in the regional papers and MLS.  They created a website that was outstanding and provided social media with details and images of the home that created considerable interest.   The net result of their efforts led to an extremely well attended public “Open House” and an equally popular agents’ viewing.  In the end we had several offers over asking price.  From start to finish, Kirk and Portia were always available for discussion and help.
Portia and Kirk guided us carefully as we evaluated the offers and provided us with helpful suggestions for selecting the best offer that matched our needs (contingencies, length of escrow, etc.).  On more than one occasion, they brought to our attention issues or considerations we had not anticipated.  Once we had accepted the offer, Portia and Kirk remained available and were present at all inspections and provided updates and schedules as needed.
We truly enjoyed and appreciated working with Kirk and Portia throughout the selling process.  They are serious and dedicated professionals. They treated us with respect and, I believe, responded to our concerns with our best interest in mind.  We also believe that having them as a team worked out very well.  At the busy open house, the two were able to meet more people and answer more questions than would be possible by a single agent.  Moreover, on the rare occasion that one was unavailable, the other would quickly respond.  We never felt “abandoned” by our agent.
We would select Kirk and Portia to represent us again if we were to sell another house in Los Angeles.  However, since we moved to New England, that is not possible!  We would certainly and without hesitation recommend them to anyone considering selling their property in Los Angeles.  They are a delightful and extraordinary team.

Kevin M, Ph.D., Professor (emeritus), UCLA School of Medicine  April 24, 2018

Portia was a godsend throughout our home-buying process. I had met with a number of realtors before deciding to work with Portia after an initial consult. She was prompt, knowledgeable, flexible and listened to what our needs were from the beginning. We always felt that she had our best interests in mind and was very accommodating as we explored additional neighborhoods and options during the process. She was very upfront with how the process would work and helped us navigate numerous offers, counter offers and inspections throughout with zero pressure and just good, honest feedback. I value her expertise and professionalism highly and would have no hesitation recommending her or working with her again in the future.

Adam C. January 29, 2018

I wanted to take a few minutes and thank you for the way you marketed our property.  Marketing our property any broker could do, I own properties, and I have plenty of experience with brokers.  The professionalism in which you conducted yourself, and the plan which you enacted marketing the property was at the highest standard anyone could expect. You answered every phone call we made, every email, any time someone wanted to see the property you were there…day time, evening, weekdays and weekends, and beyond.  Even when we were out of town, and we had alarm issues you were there to help solve emergencies.

At the time we worked together, my wife and I felt that we were being taking care of and the style in which you do that is heart warming and attractive.  We noticed that it’s not only with us,  but also other people you come in contact with felt this way.

I look forward to working with you in the future.

Ken & Michelle

Ken & Michelle March 29, 2016

I will be forever thankful to Portia Park and Kirk Frieden for their dedication, hard work ethic, professionalism and hand holding throughout this bumpy road from beginning to end.  They responded to my texts, phone calls and emails quickly with lengthy discussions when necessary.  The open houses went smoothly and were accompanied with beautiful professionally done brochures.  Their guidance on presenting my home in the best possible way lead to multiple offers with a quick time to escrow. Their expertise in selling homes showed in their negotiations with prospective buyers. 

Personally, they are both kind, fair, reasonable and I always felt very comfortable discussing any matter.  To sum it up, they get the job done with less stress on my part because they always had my back.

Irene C. March 29, 2016

Dear Portia,
Thank you so much for helping us find our first home in Los Angeles.  Your huge enthusiasm, massive patience, and constant good cheer made it happen!
We really appreciate all you have done for us.
Warmest wishes

Tara, Dave, and Robin March 29, 2016

Portia did a great job helping us with our short sale. She helped guide us through the arduous process and we saw it through. Now we are in our new home and everything is hunky dorey.
Thank you Portia!

Ian Falvey March 29, 2016

Portia helped us purchase a $2.8 Million home in Pacific Palisades, which involved very complex negotiations and terms for the sale.

Misha F. March 29, 2016

As a first time home buyer, I’d been in the market for several years looking for the perfect fit.  The housing market had been on an amazing rebound since 2008, I was noticing that interest rates weren’t spiking too much but the actual home values were increasing at an alarming rate.   I decided that now was the time to really make a push to purchase a property and to finally let go of the annoying rental life.
I’d been working with other property brokers in the past who seemed too eager to get me to pull the trigger on something I wasn’t comfortable with, often times telling me that if I didn’t put in an offer right then and there that I had little to no chance.  In addition, they would frequently advise me to offer way over asking price.  When I’d ask “shouldn’t we start a bit lower and leave room for negotiation?” I was met with a response such as “we need to have the strongest offer for them to take you seriously”.  In other words, my opinion was not valid and I felt that the only thing being considered was the commissions that they would receive.
Almost hopeless I called Jen Stein’s office about a property that her team was showing.  They returned my call immediately and Portia was the broker who would assist me.  She was more than happy to show me the property on my schedule so we took a look.  After the showing I was not at all impressed with the property but was very happy with how Portia treated me during the showing.  She went above and beyond the protocol and explained many things that I didn’t fully understand.  After the showing she assured me that if I were to have her represent me, she would be fully dedicated to finding me a property that would fit my likes and needs.  I thought to myself, she is just pitching me like any other broker would do just to get commissions.  However, I took a chance and agreed to let her represent me on this epic quest.
Within three weeks we found my current townhouse/condo.  Portia held my hand throughout the entire process, explaining every single details of inspection, the loan process, etc.  Better yet, she advise we go in with our offer $20,000 below asking.  At first they seller did not accept but Portia kept working on it and they came back agreeing to our offer.  I know that I called, texted, emailed and had her meet me in person ad nauseam but she was always available and would respond as if she were a long time friend or family member.  Another reason I respect Portia so much is that she will not act as if she knows something when she does not.  However, she will always go the extra mile to find out what the answer is for you while you handle the other aspects of life.
I would confidently and happily refer Portia to anyone of my friends and family without hesitation.  I will most definitely use her services again in the near future whether I decided to buy income property or an upgraded home for myself.  Portia Park is truly a one of a kind real estate agent and an even better person.  Thank you Portia!!!
Kind Regards.

Elliot E. Ivey March 29, 2016

Dear Portia,
Just wanted to say thank you for being great to work with!
Hope to do another deal with you !

Lauren (Sotheby's Agent) March 29, 2016

For leasing or selling your home, consider Kirk and Portia as your realtors. I appreciated their advice and design ideas to help attract tenants based on my budget. I also trusted them with my home to help lease it immediately, which they did and achieved. Their advertisement attracted several potential tenants and we had a successful open house, which is why I would consider them again. In addition, they were both available, accessible and very easy to reach, which was truly appreciated!!! Selling or leasing a home is a big investment and I did not feel alone in the process. Kirk and Portia were there for me from the beginning to the end.

I had many realtors that were very interested in my home. But in the end, I selected them due to their determination to help, very prompt response, and understanding of my budgetary limits. All of these qualities, in addition to their expertise, friendly personalities, and great teamwork are what made the decision easy to select them as my realtors in the end to trust them with my home.



Joanne C. March 29, 2016