Joanne C.

For leasing or selling your home, consider Kirk and Portia as your realtors. I appreciated their advice and design ideas to help attract tenants based on my budget. I also trusted them with my home to help lease it immediately, which they did and achieved. Their advertisement attracted several potential tenants and we had a successful open house, which is why I would consider them again. In addition, they were both available, accessible and very easy to reach, which was truly appreciated!!! Selling or leasing a home is a big investment and I did not feel alone in the process. Kirk and Portia were there for me from the beginning to the end.

I had many realtors that were very interested in my home. But in the end, I selected them due to their determination to help, very prompt response, and understanding of my budgetary limits. All of these qualities, in addition to their expertise, friendly personalities, and great teamwork are what made the decision easy to select them as my realtors in the end to trust them with my home.

Joanne C. March 29, 2016